Wan C. Leung



Wan Leung has spent most of his professional career examining the spaces in which we work, study, and heal.  These technically complex projects require a deep understanding of their industry’s subject matter and focus on coordination, which can only be learned and achieved through meticulous attention and listening to the needs of the client, occupants, and users of the spaces. His approach to leading clients and projects is one with calm, thoughtful consideration, and a vision to explore beyond the normal boundaries in order to create the best possible outcome. His process and consideration for all individuals involved have allowed each project to achieve unique and progressive facilities for clients, and the growth of team members.
Wan also has over two decades of experience in the planning, programming, and design of a variety of project experiences including long-range master planning, teaching and research laboratories, testing laboratories, animal facilities, pilot plants, critical and ambulatory care, and diagnostic facilities.  He has functioned as client manager, project planner, project manager, project architect, and lead team coordinator for these and other building typologies.
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