News | Nuts + Bolts #11: CAPitalizing on Culture Change

Nuts + Bolts #11: CAPitalizing on Culture Change

James Crispino, February 19, 2015 Download PDF
Great architecture takes great people to do it. So, how do you build a strong firm culture that makes it happen? And how do you leverage your projects and the expertise of your people to build a strong reputation for your firm? These are the questions that our firm Francis Cauffman asked, and then answered. We believe that we have learned valuable lessons that can help others as well.
Like many architecture firms, our partners believe that great work, great delivery, and great relationships are mutually reinforcing. But at Francis Cauffman, like many other architecture firms, it wasn’t always that way. The changes that we have started to make are creating a healthier internal culture, better opportunities, and higher quality design.
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