Fox Rothschild Headquarters

Fox Rothschild
Philadelphia, PA / 104,500 square feet

Fox Rothshild’s new headquarters were a tight fit for conference centers, training rooms, break rooms, and the firm’s 350+ employees. In redesigning the office, Francis Cauffman was able to save space by using high-density filing systems and condensing support staff to 120 workstations. The design team also separated public areas (reception, conference centers, and training rooms) from the private workspaces and designed an open stairwell to connect all floors. A 22-seat multipurpose room can hold small staff meetings, dinners, large cocktail parties, and even a company blood-drive. Francis Cauffman also incorporated videoconferencing technology, saving on Fox Rothschild’s overall costs, since employees in its 16 offices are able to travel less frequently for meetings.


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