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Hybrid Tower

Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, NY / 290,000 square feet

The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), the nation’s number one orthopedics hospital, is a destination for athletes and other patients seeking specialized care. Francis Cauffman designed a 47-story urban tower that reinforces HSS’s status as a healthcare leader and gives it room for expansion in New York City. The tower includes new space on the first 13 floors for beds, ORs, patients and their families, as well as 12 levels of physician offices and ambulatory care space. A two-level bridge connects the tower to the existing hospital on the 2nd and 3rd floors, while the floors above the ambulatory care center serve as a five-star hotel for visitors and families.

Francis Cauffman has also designed new space for other HSS locations throughout the region, and is currently reimaging the hospital’s New York City campus in order to position it as a global benchmark for orthopedics and rheumatology.

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